Kamp Kaolin – Advanced Framing

In advanced framing, we bridge the corners with ladder blocking instead of the 3-stud corners used in conventional framing. This technique not only uses less wood, but also allows you to get insulation into the corners. advanced framingadvanced framing The studs are spaced 24 inches on center with single top plates and the roof trusses are “stacked,” meaning there is vertical alignment, to create a direct load path. advanced framingadvanced framing Advanced framing maximizes the wall cavity space where dense packed cellulose insulation will be blown in, reduces thermal bridging and creates a tighter building envelope.

Kamp Kaolin Blower Door Test #1

Today was the initial blower door test at the Kamp Kaolin site.  With all the passive house building methods used at Kamp Kaolin, we were very excited and confident going into the test. blower door test, passive house In the above picture is David Berg (right) of DSB Energy Services and Hugh Lofting (left) are installing the frame of the blower test in a window because the door openings were too large for the frame. IMG_3968 IMG_3963 blower door test, passive house   Kamp Kaolin came in at 0.88 air changes per hour (ACH) at 50 Pascal, which is very good!  After the dense packed cellulose and dry wall are installed this number should go down.  The passive house standard is 0.6 ACH at 50 Pascal.  Even though the Kamp Kaolin project is not going for certification, we are striving to hit all the passive house standard milestones. IMG_3975